Forever ♥ Flower Sconce - Lazerosity
Forever ♥ Flower Sconce - Lazerosity
Forever ♥ Flower Sconce - Lazerosity
Forever ♥ Flower Sconce - Lazerosity

Forever ♥ Flower Sconce

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My favorite (so far) and photos (all by rookie me) don't effectively reflect the radiance of its luminous piano-finish beauty! This eye-[and light]-catching sculptural sconce enhances any wall (ideally window facing*) and stylishly showcases fresh** or faux flowers and foliage without cluttering tabletops.

This unique triangular design is constructed with interlocking "box joint" edges, in alternating colors that frame an intricately layered face. A gracefully curved overlay panel of silver-glittered glossy black doubles as a sweeping stem, enhanced with inlaid berries and leafy foliage, on which a sparkling Forever Flower "Screw'em" attachment blooms. Each sconce is individually made to order ... please text me if alternative colors preferred.

Details / Dimensions:

  • 13" height x 5.75" width x 3.25 depth"
  • 19 laser-cut pieces chemically welded, glued or screwed together
  • Base: 1/4" glossy black and white acrylic
  • Front Panel: 1/8" silver glittered glossy black (very costly specialty acrylic & less expensive non-glitter version coming soon)
  • Flower: 1/8" silver glitter, silver mirror and black opaque acrylics (customizable with any color or style acrylic in store -or- inquire about others)
  • Screw: bright white matching acrylic
  • Sold separately without [photo prop] contents

* Thrives best facing window(s) mirroring changing light -and/or- reflecting interior lighting

** Intended for dry contents & not leakproof ... so best to insert fresh-cut or live foliage in slim container or plastic bag inside sconce.